Pomf Tools

Pomf via ShareX

Uploaders: killthemall.eu
Upload URL: http://killthemall.eu/pomf/upload.php
Result URL: http://killthemall.eu/pomf/files

Sharex Script

You can download our automatic ShareX Script Installer below
Just download, open it & press yes and it'll automatically put pomf as file / image uploader.

download script installer

Or you can use the code.

"Name": "pomf",
"RequestType": "POST",
"RequestURL": "https://killthemall.eu/pomf/upload.php",
"FileFormName": "files[]",
"Arguments": { },
"ResponseType": "Text",
"RegexList": [
"URL": "http://killthemall.eu/pomf/files/$1,1$",
"ThumbnailURL": "",
"DeletionURL": ""

Pomf is currently not avaliable on any other tool.

Think we can branch out?
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Want to help?
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